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Financial Doing

Get Organized

  • Your Net Worth:  A complete list of your assets, liabilities, and insurance policies.
  • Cash Flow & Budget:  12 months of your income and expenses.  A great way to identify ways to cut your spending.
  • Income Tax Review:  Are you taking full advantage of all your deductions?
  • Employee Benefits Review:  As much as 30% of your total compensation can come in the form of benefits.  Don’t leave money on the table.

Get Protected

  • Your Emergency Fund:  How much should you put aside for emergencies?
  • Full Insurance Review:  Protect your family, yourself, your income, and your assets.  Full review of your insurance program (life, health, disability, long-term care, renter’s/home owner’s, auto, liability).
  • Your Estate Plan:  Formalize your plans for the unexpected.  Who will care for your children?  How will your assets be distributed?  Who will make health care, legal, and financial decisions for you?

Achieve Your Goals

  • Housing Purchase:  How much home can you afford, when considering all carrying costs?  How much do you qualify to borrow?  How do you effectively save for a down payment, and where should you invest it?
  • College Funding:  How much will college cost, and what are the most effective savings vehicles?  What impact will your income and savings have on financial aid?
  • Retirement Readiness:  How much you do you need to save for a comfortable retirement?
  • Investment Portfolio Review:  A full review of your personal and retirement investment accounts to determine whether your assets are being most effectively managed to reach your long-term goals.