Beyond Planning – An Ongoing Program

Developing a financial plan is only the first step. We believe that your success depends on a life-long commitment to implement, manage, and refine your plan.

The world changes daily. Your goals may change. Your life may change. Investments, insurance laws, tax and estate planning laws can change quite frequently at the federal and state levels. For that reason, we prefer to work closely with your tax advisers and estate planning attorneys.

There are no silver bullets. No short cuts. No hot stock picks. Just focused hard work and commitment.

Putting Your Interests First

As a Registered Investment Advisory firm with New York State, we are fully independent. That means we have the flexibility to deliver advice, strategies, and solutions that in your best interest – with no obligations to present products or services from specific vendors. We search for strategies and solutions that best meet your needs, circumstances, and budget.

Financial Planning

The firm provides financial planning services, for which our clients pay an hourly rate for advice. Once a financial planning engagement has been delivered and completed, Clients are under no obligation to work with us any further, nor are there any products discussed or offered during the financial planning engagement.

All financial planning engagements are conducted in full accordance with the CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct, Code of Ethics, Rules of Conduct, and Financial Planning Practice Standards.

Investment Management

The firm offers Investment Management and Advisory Services for personal accounts, trusts, and retirement accounts. We have access to a wide variety of investment management companies, and work with those we feel are most appropriate for a client’s preferences and circumstances. We are under no obligation to work with any particular vendor, nor to sell any particular product.

There are no up-front loads or sales charges on any investment accounts. All investment advisory accounts are fee-based, which means there is an annual portfolio management and investment advisory fee (based on a percentage of assets). The fee is assessed in advance on a quarterly basis.


Daniel D’Ordine, CFP® is a licensed insurance broker (Life-Accident-Health – NY, NJ, CT, RI, IL). His focus is on life insurance, long-term disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and annuity solutions. As an insurance broker, he can work with a wide range of insurance companies, as opposed to just one, bringing flexibility to finding a solution that can best fit your needs, circumstances, and budget.

  • Foundation: Get organized and assess your current financial situation.
  • Future: Identify your long-term goals, and what you need to do to achieve them.
  • Finale: The final stage of your life, which includes living a comfortable retirement, and planning the rest of your life and beyond.


When you initially commit to a financial planning program, you may feel overwhelmed by a daunting laundry list of facts, figures, and action items.  We make every effort to pursue each topic at your own pace, and until you have achieved a confident level of understanding.  Our clients enjoy a relaxed, casual atmosphere, where they can feel comfortable discussing complicated, detailed, personal, and sometimes difficult or sensitive matters.

Our Investment Management approach is to work in your best interest to help you achieve your goals.  Our accounts are fee-based, which means that there are no up-front or deferred sales charges or commissions, and that the annual advisory fee is a percentage of the value of client account(s).  The fees are assessed in advance on a quarterly basis, which means that you pay only for the management you receive.  We are fully independent, and are under no obligation to work with any particular manager or vendor.