Business Owners

You’ve invested so much into building your business. It generates your income and may represent a significant portion of your net worth. It not only supports your family, but your employees as well. How do you protect the earning power and the value of your business? Are their more efficient ways to manage the financial aspects of it? DDO Advisory Services, LLC has the experience and resources to help you protect your biggest asset and save for the future in a tax efficient manner.

The “Business Checkup” includes a review of your business and personal insurance program, tax strategies, retirement plan selection, and succession plan. I typically work with clients’ existing teams (accountant, attorneys, bookkeepers), but also help to build that team when necessary.

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Insurance Review – Protecting Against Disruptions

  • Develop a plan to protect your business from a serious disruption caused by the death or disability of an owner or key employee.
  • Review your business succession plan and determine whether a Buy-Sell Agreement is necessary to enable your spouse or heirs to sell your portion of the business.
  • Examine whether your existing Buy-Sell Agreement reflects the current value of your business, and is sufficiently funded with life and disability insurance.
  • Determine whether your personal earnings are protected with disability insurance, and whether your family is adequately protected with life insurance.


Managing Your Taxes

  • Develop a flexible and effective tax planning strategy.
  • Take advantage of employee benefits like group health, life, disability, and long-term care insurance, retirement plans, and other strategies to help reduce your taxable income.


Saving for Retirement

  • Choose a retirement plan to attract and retain valuable employees and help you maximize your retirement savings.
  • Explore non-qualified retirement planning strategies that allow you to save amounts above and beyond the federal annual contribution limits.


Planning for the Future

  • Develop and establish a succession plan for the future of your business, and to allow you to extract a fair value when you’re ready to retire.


Coordinated Planning

  • We will work with your other professionals, such as your bookkeeper, accountant, attorney, and insurance professionals to ensure that your business and personal finance decisions are tightly coordinated.


Call to discuss your situation in greater detail, and learn how we can help put a plan in place that is specifically designed for you.